Don’t Freeze Me Out. . . Mindfulness Day 23

Girl, Drinking, Tea, Coffee Cup, SunsetTemperature is a another great area of mindfulness practice. It is constantly shifting and there are many exposures throughout the day to which you might draw your attention into the present moment. Heat and cold can also be associated with different emotions or constructs. For instance heat is often used to soothe, such as in a cup of hot tea or a warm bath. And cold can be refreshing such as an icy drink on a hot day or after a workout. Heat can also be overwhelming or exhausting at times and cold can be chilling or isolating.

In the extremes, heat and cold can be life threatening, but the subtleties of a typical day are more or less navigated without much attention. We will often notice a temperature shift as we enter or leave a building or as we walk between the sunny side or the shady side of the street. The route we decide to walk, the activities in which we decide to partake and the clothes we choose to wear are all based in part on our assessment of temperature. Today let’s be mindful of all the ways in which temperature influences our lives.

Water, Play, Kids, Youth, ChildrenDay 23: Be mindful of temperature. Notice the shifts throughout out your day of the environmental temperature. Be aware of air conditioning and how it feels on your skin. Is it a relief, or does it give you a chill? Notice if you have a cup of coffee or tea, attend to the warmth feel in your mouth and the steam as it tickles your nose and face. What about the breeze, is it warm or cool? Are you drawn to warmer or cooler environments? Be mindful of temperatures today, notice the impact on your mind and body and be aware of the choices you make. It might also be fun to notice all the ways in which we use temperature as a metaphor in our convesations. The title of this post for example.

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