Hey Mom, Dad Look! – Mindfulness Day 25

Aurora, Aurora Borealis, SnowChildren interact with the world in a different way than adults. I suspect part of this interaction is the beginner’s mind that mindfulness attempts to foster. If you were to look through the eyes of a child you might be more likely to see a monster in your closet, but you might also be more able to see the magic in a rainbow. Think about how often, when we see something cool in life, we want to share it with a child. When a child sees a rainbow, there is excitement and magic, there is gold and a leprechaun. Through the child’s eyes you can tap into the wonder and excitement of the world.

Today let’s be mindful of that child-like wonder. Watch children today as they interact with the world and be mindful of their wonder. Notice if it allows you to tap into your own wonder and be mindful of what that feels like. As you observe interesting or amazing things today allow your inner child to react and interact. Be mindful of the way in which this changes your perspective.

Day 25: Be mindful of wonder and magic today. Notice how naturally that happens as you pay attention to the perspective of children. Be mindful of how this experience alters your perception of the world and how it impacts the way you experience a moment. Notice the rainbows and sparkles, the caterpillar that magically becomes a butterfly. Wonder at the ability of a plane to take off into the sky, or the speed and the awe of a firetruck. Take time today to notice and appreciate the daily sights in a way a child might see the world. Get lost in the wonder of the world.

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