I’m Touched – Mindfulness Day 24

The phrase “I’m touched” is often used to describe the emotional impact of a gesture made by another person. It also leads me to believe that feeling touched is a good thing. I notice that when I rub my grandmother’s shoulders, she sighs and says how good it feels to be touched. She lives alone and does not share her physical space with another person, so is very aware of the enjoyment her body feels when touched. Some of us who live with others or spend time in busy crowded environments may not be so keenly aware of the sensations of physical touch.

Holding Hands, CoupleThroughout our days we have many interactions with others that involve touch. When someone makes change, they will often brush our hand as they give us our money. When someone is sad we might put our hand on their back or shoulder. When we meet another person we will often shake hands or hug. We might hold hands with our children or spouse. In close quarters, we may bump into another person. Playing sports we will often have contact with another. We might pay someone for physical therapy such as massage or chiropractic.

Day 24: Today, pay attention to the physical contact you have with others. Is the touch conscious or unconscious? What type of contact is comfortable for you? What type of contact brings you joy? Is there any contact you prefer to avoid? Do the contacts you have with others impact your emotions? Be mindful of physical contact with others today.

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