Let it Flow – Mindfulness Day 22

Drip, Raindrop, Water, WetLakes, rivers, oceans, puddles and precipitation. Water is everywhere and is essential to life. We use it everyday. We wash with it, drink it, use it in our art, travel over it, and play in it. Notice today the various ways that water plays a role in your life. This is another area of life to which we are usually unaware of the details. As we drink, we don’t often think about where the water came from and how it got into our glass or our body. Exposure to water happens on a daily basis and as such it is a great opportunity to develop your mindful practice. From a drop of dew to a raging river, attend to the everyday in a new way!

Day 22: Be mindful of water. Foster an awareness of it’s colour, feel, temperature, and taste. Notice the way it runs across your skin as your bathe. As you drink water, can you feel it in your mouth, throat, and even as it enters your stomach? Be aware of how water is held and contained, and also the way it moves. Notice what feelings and thoughts arise as you are mindful of water today.


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