Times Passes – Mindfulness Day 26

Train Station, Waiting, Travel, WaitToday when I woke up I was aware that I am getting close to the end of this 30 day commitment in honour of Brain Injury Awareness Month. I admit there is a part of me that will be relieved to take the pressure off of coming up with a new and insightful mindful moment every day. There have been many days where this was easy and also those where it truly has been a challenge. Overall I have really enjoyed the opportunity to immerse myself in the varied ways that I can invite mindfulness into my life.

So today I wanted to be mindful of time. Mindful of its passing, or the anticipation of its passing, of clock watching, and of schedules. What ways do you structure your thoughts and feelings based on what time it is? Are you always aware of the time? Do you wear a time piece, and if so, how often do you refer to this object. Do you ever look at the time and then find yourself doing so just minutes later, realizing that you so quickly forgot or needed reassurance again?

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. Right now as opposed to the future or past. Being mindful of time is a great way to encourage your mind into the present, even if your present moment is noting that your are once again looking at the clock in anticipation of what will come next.

Watches, Alarm Clock, CollectionDay 26: Be mindful of time. What time does your alarm clock go off? How do you structure your day? Do you base your meals on the clock or on your hunger? What time of day is your favourite? Why? How do you feel as you look at the clock? Do you have anxiety, relief or simply curiosity? What thoughts drive you to be curious and look at a time piece? Get to know your relationship with time today and the many impacts this relationship has on your thoughts and emotions. Be curious and nonjudgmental . . . learn something new about yourself with this mindful process.

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